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I am a Canadian political scientist specializing in International Relations and Comparative Politics. I focus on Comparative Indigenous Politics in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United States, American foreign policy, New Zealand foreign policy, and Anglo-American Diplomacy. My mother's family is Trinidadian Indian and my father's family is originally from Scotland but goes back many generations in Nova Scotia. Since these roots have been important in my upbringing and influence the direction of my work, I inevitably bring a multicultural perspective to pressing issues in political science which I hope creates a useful angle through which to assess some aspects of international and domestic politics. Please feel free to have a look and explore my articles, chapters, and books, read my blog and check out my links page. You will also find information on my SSHRCC grant on Indian Residential Schools in Canada. If you'd like some more information or just want to say hello, please email me! And if you really like or dislike my work, please let me know why.

Books Available:

Europe in Its Own Eyes, Europe in the Eyes of the Other (Cultural Studies)

Europe in Its Own Eyes, Europe in the Eyes of the Other (Cultural Studies)

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Recent and Selected Publications

“Genocide in the Indian Residential Schools: Canadian History through the Lens of the UN Genocide Convention” in Andrew Woolford, Jeff Benvenuto, and Alexander Laban Hinton (eds), Colonial Genocide in Indigenous North America (Duke University Press, 2014) pp. 465-493.

Europe in its Own Eyes, Europe in the Eyes of the Other, co-edited with Mary DeCoste (Wilfred Laurier University Press, 2014)

“Retrospective, Myth, and the Colonial Question: Twentieth Century Europe as the Other in World History,” in D. MacDonald and M. DeCoste (eds) Op Cit. pp. 112-143.

“Where are our History Wars? Canada’s Emerging Debate over Genocide in the Indian Residential Schools,” in Journal of Genocide Research, forthcoming 2015.

“The Last Acceptable Prejudice? Anti-Americanism in US–Canada Relations” in Australasian Canadian Studies, forthcoming 2014.

“Reforming Multiculturalism in a Bi-National Society: Aboriginal Peoples and the Search for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada,” Canadian Journal of Sociology, Vol 39, No 1 (2014) 65 - 86

“Reconciliation After Genocide in Canada: Towards a Syncretic Model of Democracy” AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples Volume 9, no. 1., 2013.

“Reflections on Anti-Americanism in among the Antipodes: Australia and New Zealand”, co-authored with Brendon O’Connor, New Zealand & Australian Armed Forces Law Review 2013.

Contact Information

Dr David B. MacDonald
Professor of Political Science 
Political Science Department, University of Guelph
50 Stone Road East, Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1