Recent Media Articles

I am a well known commentator in the media. My "Clearing the Plains Continues" article in February had over 67,000 reads and was circulated on Global News, The Star Phoenix, The Montreal Gazette, The Vancouver Sun, Windsor StarThe Calgary HeraldThe National PostThe Tyee, The Edmonton Journal and iPolitics. It was also in hardcopy edition in the Toronto newspaper Now! Below are a few recent articles:.

"‘Clearing the plains’ continues with the acquittal of Gerald Stanley." The Conversation (February 12, 2018) 

"Canada guilty of forging crisis in Indigenous foster care." The Conversation (February 1, 2018) 

"Lessons for Canada in New Zealand’s Indigenous-friendly electoral system," The Conversation (September 19, 2017)

"How Canada can take responsibility for its genocidal past" (with Bernie Farber) The Globe and Mail (October 31, 2016)

"Five reasons the TRC chose ‘cultural genocide’,The Globe and Mail (July 6, 2015)